Christine and Cleavage

I started this a while back and honestly I don't even know what this is anymore. Ask me questions if you want, but let me me save you some trouble- I don't want to see your cock and I'm not going to send you photos.


Have you ever actually not dated someone because you were too kinky for them?

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I think sexual compatibility is so important. Yeah, I’ve definitely been into guys and then figured out that we wouldn’t work because I’m into stuff they aren’t. If a dude can’t choke me a little and handle me calling him daddy sometimes during sex, we’re not meant to be. I even saw a guy once who said I was too sexual, and he wanted “something real,” like those are two mutually exclusive things. Compatibility is important!

You're still the same kinky you tho right? Haven't seen that side of you lately- bad ass kinky bitch.

A question by Anonymous

That’s my fave description of me ever. Bad ass kinky bitch ❤️❤️❤️ I ordered some samples of dark lipsticks that’ll be here this week and I’m going to wear the shit out of them and kiss dudes cheeks after I tell them I’m too kinky for them.

I’m just tryna earn a little heart emoji next to my name in ya phone shawty

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You haven't seemed yourself lately... Is everything okay?

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Depends on when you ask me ☺️ Yeah, in the grand scheme of things, everything is and will be fine. Some personal stuff happened that I wasn’t expecting quite yet and I’m having to deal with that and it’s just kind of been emotionally exhausting. And I’m a very needy cat basically, so can you imagine emotionally exhausted me?! I promise I am working on things and will be back to my normal self ASAP. xx

“ He love this fat ass hhahahahahjahahsjskkaakak ”

—    A six word story

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